Otto Deng(邓子涛) is a Solution Consultant working in F5 Networks, used to be a application delivery expert. In recent years, I keep growing my exposure on Cloud, Docker, K8s, DevOps.

使用Terraform为k8s创建vsphere VMs

Deploy Kubernetes VMs with Terraform Terraform是什么?以下是官方具体的解析,其实说白了,就是Write, Plan, and create Infrastructure as Code Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. Terraform can manage existing and popular service providers [Read More]

Change Domain

想了很久,还是重新再弄一个个人的io域名,,for Cloud Native 😀

CKA Exam

在放假前,终于把cka考完了,从报名到考试通过,一共是20多天吧,反正这段时间里面,除了睡觉吃饭就是敲实验了🤢。。。 What is CKA? CKA全称就是Ce [Read More]

Hello world

在年前休假的带娃这段时间,各种挤时间,终于把blog发布了。🎈💐👏 blog的框架使用hugo,页面托管在GitHub pages上,里面的图片 [Read More]